Best Way to Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Similar to a reference letter, a LinkedIn recommendation is a powerful marketing tool. Each recommendation provides you with a silent sales person telling the world about your skills, business savvy or other qualities you possess, which enhance your marketability. Hiring managers, decision makers and potential clients relish recommendations regarding a person they may be interested in hiring.

Leveraging Advocates in Your Job Search

by Thomas E. Kenny.

You have followed the advice of career experts and have "dug the well before you're thirsty." Preparing for your next job search by continually building and strengthening the relationships of your professional network. However, now that you are in a job search, you may be wondering how to leverage that network!

Asking your network for job leads is not a best practice of professional networking. Instead you need to find and determine jobs that you are a match for and then find advocates to assist you.

ETP Network's LinkedIn In-House Experts

With over 36 million members and much media exposure, you would think by now most people would know how works.

Recently, I sent a LinkedIn invitation to someone I met. They wrote me back in being excited about joining my network on LinkedIn. Then the person said "what is LinkedIn and what do I do next"? The reality is the power of LinkedIn facilitating social network connections for a job search or closing business deals is a foreign thought to many people. For people who know about LinkedIn, getting started is still a daunting challenge. Using all of LinkedIn's powerful features does take some dedication in time, mixed with a little patience.

Communications: Before, During and After a Transition

by Thomas E. Kenny

Although valuable communications with your professional network should be ongoing, a career transition (change of job) provides valuable opportunities for communication!

Communications going into transition.

Announce any unplanned job search via the status message of various online social networking sites such as: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This is less intrusive and impersonal than broadcasting the same canned email to all your network contacts. If you have a warm trusted relationship with your social networking contacts, they will notice and respond to your change of status.

REAP Benefits from Your Network!

by Thomas E. Kenny.

REAP is a concept I learned thanks to Jason Alba's JibberJobber Career Management radio show.

Many people get into networking and think it's just a matter of collecting names and contact info for reference later on. Or if you are in a job search adding to the list of people you can nag or beg for a job.

LinkedIn Applications

by Thomas E. Kenny.

The LinkedIn (add-on) applications feature was added on October 28th, 2008. Although LinkedIn applications have been available for a while many may not be aware of them. There are currently 10 applications and I have grouped them into 5 categories below.

Upcoming JSNG meetings

by Thomas E. Kenny.

ETP Network's Jersey Shore Networking Group typically meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. On even numbered months we meet in Toms River, NJ. While on odd numbered months we meet in Manalapan, NJ.

Pink Slip Parties = Job Fair + Networking

by Thomas E. Kenny.

Have you heard about Pink Slip Parties? It seems the mass media has latched on to this catchy phrase and it's spreading like wild fire.

Pink slip parties are basically a new form of Job Fair integrated with a networking event. Rather then being at a hotel or conference center, pink slip parties are held at more relaxed venue such as a bar or restaurant.

How to find your LinkedIn profile URL

by Thomas E. Kenny.

Prior to meetings of the Jersey Shore Networking Group, the registered attendees are provided with a list of attendees planning to attend. This practice comes from the Conference Commando chapter of Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone." Since you are investing time and money in attending an event it is wise to maximize your effectiveness by planning which professionals you want to connect with most at the event.

How I created my HTML E-mail signature

by Thomas E. Kenny

I started composing my HTML E-mail signature via LinkedIn. At the bottom of the LinkedIn screen click on “Overview” which is to the right of Tools. Then click the “Try it now” to the right of E-mail signatures. I selected the "Plastic Curve - Cool" layout. However, you can click “view gallery” to see other styles to select the one you like best. Enter the information in the various text boxes. Once you click outside of an updated text box the example will reflect what the signature will look like. Then click on "Click here for instructions" toward the bottom of the page and select the E-mail client you are using for instructions.