Make Your Uniqueness Work For You

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Since the right job flows directly out of all the elements of your personality type, you need to spend some time figuring out what makes you tick. By making a conscious effort to discover the “real you,” you learn how to focus your natural strengths and inclinations into a career you can love for a long as you choose to work.

This is where “type” is so helpful. It provides a systematic, effective way to evaluate both your strong points and your probable weaknesses or blind spots. Once you have these figured out, you’ll know how to make sure you are always operating from a position of strength.  Read more . . .

Rod Colon on Using LinkedIn for a Job Search

Video below with Rod Colon, Founder & CEO of Empowering Today's Professionals Network (ETP) speaking to members of the Media Communications Association International, North Jersey Chapter. - Jump start your job search with LinkedIn.  Replace the black hole job search methodology with a 7 Steps Job Search system - Learn how to leverage your untapped professional networkLearn how to be proactive in the job search rather than passive - Get inspiration and motivation during these difficult economic times - Discover how to adapt "Social Networking" to your work – and your search for it. 

Rod's presentation begins at the 10 minute marker, if you wish to fast forward.

ETP Lamplighter Newsletter October - November 2010

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Volume 2  Issue 5  October - November 2010
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Since 2004 Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) has helped hundreds of people successfully land jobs and business opportunities. It's a known fact Members land jobs quicker, with over 250 people landing safely in 2009 alone.

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  • The CEO of ME, Inc. Paradigm by Rod Colon
  • Networking Trumps "Unemployed Need Not Apply" by Carl E. Reid
  • Get Out of Your Own Way—Three suggestions for Overcoming Yourself by Jerrold (Jerry) Clifford
  • Interactive talk-show on 107.7 The Bronc

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By Rod Colón
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Jersey Shore Networking Group History

Our next free job search training and networking session is October 28, 2010 at 6:30PM - Register now
Thomas E. Kenny, Jersey Networking Group Founder

Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) was founded by CEO, Rod Colon.  After graduating from ETP's job search and career management educational training programs,  in 2008 Tom Kenny pioneered  the Jersey Shore Networking Group (JSNG) located in Tom's River.  As a result of his outstanding accomplishment in developing the JSNG, Tom was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award by the ETP executive committee in 2009.

Following the adage "each one teach one", ETP members Michele Battista and Peter Hansen took Tom Kenny's lead and started another Jersey Shore Networking Group in Manalapan, NJ.  This expansion was also necessary, as the economy has greatly impacted the job market for many people in the Jersey Shore area.  In addition to being a JSNG leader, Michele also takes photos at the training sessions. Click here to see more photos on Facebook of JSNG career management training sessions in action.

With the aggressive expansion of meeting attendees to monthly career management and job search training sessions, Tom, Michele and Peter were inducted into the membership Who's Who Hall of Fame by the ETP executive committee in 2010.  "JSNG has truly been an effective, action oriented leadership team in contributing to their "community at large" states Carl E. Reid, Chief Operations Officer of Empowering Today's Professionals.

Sunday Radio Show from Rider University 107.7 The Bronc

YOUR CAREER IS CALLING Sunday Radio Show w/Rod Colon and Frank Kovacs Broadcast from Rider University Radio Station in New Jersey
Date: 19 September 2010, Sunday 08:00 AM

Make Your Career Your Business. Tune Into 107.7 The Bronc Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 8:00 AM EST, For Your Career Is Calling

September 19, 2010 8:00AM EST
Your Weekly Appointment For Career Choices, Decisions And Success. Rider University Alum and founder of the TheBreakfastClubNJ, Frank Kovacs And CEO Of The Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Rod Colon, Are Your Hosts For Sixty Minutes Of Career Coaching, Taking Your Calls, On Networking Etiquette, The Interview And More To Help Land Your Dream Job.
It’s The Only Radio Program, Designed To Help Empower Career Professionals And Students Reach Your Career Goals. Your Career Is Calling, Debuts Sunday, September Nineteenth At 8:00EST A-M Only On 107.7 The Bronc And 107.7 The Bronc Dot Com.
More information and online registration: YOUR CAREER IS CALLING Sunday Radio Show w/Rod Colon and Frank Kovacs

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Testimonials from previous attendees . . .

"Yesterday was the first meeting that I have attended, and I must commend you (and the rest of the group) on a very enjoyable and worthwhile meeting. Having others to support you (and to interact with at a professional level), whether you are "in between assignments" (as I like to call it), or "currently working at", is wonderful since it gives the individuals a new perspective on alternatives possibly available to them , by hearing what others are going through in their lives." - Shevi  Batsheva Ph.D., Industrial / Organizational Psychology.

"Thanks very much for arranging everything. You did a fantastic job." - Michael Procopio, Web Services Developer.

"What a powerful group, and a great first meeting for me at JSNG. Thank you Rod and Tom for caring and giving so much energy and enthusiasm -- it is contagious.
To everyone: If you all have not read through Tom's LinkedIn FAQs, you probably should. Although I have been in LinkedIn for 3 or 4 years, mostly as a passive user, I have been using LinkedIn heavily the past two weeks since my position was eliminated. It is pretty intuitive, yet can be complex. For example, do you all know that you can simply ask your network a question? I did not until reading Tom's FAQs. ...
In my first meeting with ETP, I learned how to suggest ways I can help others while giving my introduction. I will have a more interesting intro for the group in October." - Bob Zimel, OD and Learning Executive.