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Is Finding a Job a Game to You?

By Thomas E. Kenny

Many of us know that the 7 step job search process from "Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs" requires time and effort but in my experience it's very effective. Some of you may think the process is hard work, that is necessary, but not necessarily fun.

Well I've recently learned of a new beta web site named which tries to turn your job search into a fun game. Their slogan is "Putting Play into Finding Work" TM.

I believe the premise of this job search web site is for you to establish and enter your job search goals and get support from your network who is also on this web site toward achieving your goals. It also provides tips along the way and you can obtain points as you complete tasks to compete with others on the site. The pages of this site have a cartoon-ish theme which I guess is suppose to add to the fun.

Although I think the web site leverages some good principles such as, setting and tracking goals, accountability to your network, and trying to have fun. I do wonder who these job seekers are that need a game to motivate them to obtain a job. Sure job seekers are in a race to find a job, but cartoons and peer pressure by competing for unaccountable points doesn't seem to add value to a professional's job search.

I Need a Job

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Career Insurance Makes Unemployment Insurance Look Like Child's Play

Carl E. Reid, Chief Operations Officer
Empowering Today's Professionals
Contact: Phyllis Shelton
iPower Global Solutions
Public Relations & Event Director
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Career Insurance Makes Unemployment Insurance Look Like Child's Play

The #1 fear at work isn't loss of a job.  The root cause of daily anxiety attacks at work is abrupt loss of all income associated with a job.  As they walk each person being laid off to the front door, managers put their arm around people telling them "you are a valued employee".  That's a frightening scenario still being played out today.  Implementing a career insurance plan, which includes developing alternate sources of income, is crucial to career management survival.

New York, NY February 20, 2011 8:00AM EST—Tune into to YOUR CAREER IS CALLING, broadcast on from Rider University.   Chief Savvy Intrapreneur Carl E. Reid, CSI, presents “Alternate Sources of Income and Why You Need Them” 

YOUR CAREER IS CALLING radio show co-hosted by Rod Colon, author of Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs and Frank Kovacs, founder of will be discussing with guest speaker Carl E. Reid, CSI why the best time to develop part time supplemental income is Now

When I left my corporate job, some people in my family could not believe it – states
Carl E. Reid, Business Career Coach, Chief Savvy Intrapreneur at SAVVY INTRAPRENEUR and Chief Operations Officer at Empowering Today's Professionals.  “What about job security, they asked?”…well, what about it? Who says my corporate job would be there long term? If my “day job” were to disappear, what would happen? Not much, really. I would lose a source of income, but I have other sources of income to sustain me and my family”.

Mr. Reid further explains, "This is crucial to survival, as part of a career back up plan. It makes all the difference between making a living and LIVING LIFE".  "With current economic conditions students, recent grads, home makers and career professionals need creative strategies for developing alternate sources of income. This definitely provides career insurance, as a part of any career management backup plan. The result can pay continuous dividends, while providing peace of mind for families. This is way better than temporary unemployment insurance."

Combining proven professional career development techniques with success as an entrepreneur Carl E. Reid founded Savvy Intrapreneur, which teaches "career minded" professionals how to run themselves like a business. He has used his life experience and knowledge gained to assist others in achieving their own desired level of success. Carl E. Reid is active in professional organizations, networking groups and volunteers for non-profit entities.  Email: Web:  Tel: 646-207-2299

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The mission of ETP is to encourage, train, support, mentor and advise fellow CEOs of ME, Incorporated in all aspects of defined responsibilities to their personal Board of Directors.  ETP's proven education programs and methodologies guide each member through "HOW" to specifically land a job and develop self empowering career management goals.   Email: Tel: 732-367-5580 Chapter Preview: Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs at

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Make Your Uniqueness Work For You

from Rod Colon's blog

Since the right job flows directly out of all the elements of your personality type, you need to spend some time figuring out what makes you tick. By making a conscious effort to discover the “real you,” you learn how to focus your natural strengths and inclinations into a career you can love for a long as you choose to work.

This is where “type” is so helpful. It provides a systematic, effective way to evaluate both your strong points and your probable weaknesses or blind spots. Once you have these figured out, you’ll know how to make sure you are always operating from a position of strength.  Read more . . .